2013 End Of The Cpmpition Party 


Coach Allie is trying to sell Coach Tyler a New Truck!!!


Coach Allie:

“Hey, he bought it!!”

Coach Jodi:

“He did? I’m going to sell him my boy friends truck!!!”


Coach Jodi & Coach Kara:

“Hey Ya’ll, wanna party in Tylers new truck!?!


Coach Lita and Assistant Coach Ashton: "We are just happy that everyone is happy!!"


Coach Tyler:

“Hey, I just got a great deal on a truck from Coach Alli!! You want to ride in my new truck!!


Tyler’s Girl friend Megan is not so sure about the truck deal…

“I’m not so sure about Tylers truck deal!”


Alana, Gabby, & Ray Ray:

“Coach Tyler bought a new truck from Coach Alli, and we get to ride in it.”


  Chloe :
"Man, I really wanted that truck!!"


2013 Mini Squad:

“We saw the whole thing, and we are going to tell!!”