2015 - 2016 Tennessee Twisters Gymnastics Team Info

We are so happy that you are interested in being a Twisters Gymnastics Team member! Plans for the new season include several competitions, and fun new activities! Our unique program allows more children to benefit from being on a gymnastics team, by keeping costs low and going to competitions close to home in order to keep travel expenses at a minimum. The kids will learn many new skills this season, and will get to perform routines that showcase those skills. It's fun being part of a team, and the Tennessee Twisters are especially close and fun-loving. In lieu of a formal try-out, we like candidates to attend several team practices, so that they, and we can evaluate whether the team program is a good fit for them right now.

Gymnastics teams compete on floor, balance beam, vault and uneven bars at each event, so our practices include all these events.

Gymnasts trying the team will be attending practices during the month of May, on Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:15 pm. Even if it's not possible for your child to attend all 8 practices in May, you may still attend several in order for evaluations to be done. At the same time, you may keep your current class, or skip it – your choice. The practice schedule will change to Tuesday and Thursday during the summer, and continue during the new school year.

If you would like to be a team member, please let one of the coaches know, and we will make arrangements for your trial to start.


2014-2015 Tennessee Twisters Gymnastics Team

• Event Scheduling:

Some of the dates we have at this point in the season are still tentative. Even published competition dates can change, and competitions can be canceled altogether. We don't like changes any more than you do, but they are a part of life, and we ask you to be as flexible as possible, for the sake of your child's team. Our primary means of communication has evolved from hand-outs in class (which got lost in cars and backpacks) to email (which got lost in spam or changed email addresses) to texts (of which group texts have proved unreliable at times). It's extremely impractical to try to call each member for every change - none of us have that kind of time. This year we are trying something new: a Twisters Team app. Once it's finished we'll be able to update everyone at once, and you'll receive an alert that something needs your attention. We can also post venue information, maps, a calendar, photos and more. … YAYYY!!!!

• Fund-raising Our parents have been doing fund-raising activities such as candy bar and butter bread sales, home dιcor, and more. These are optional. Anyone may, but no one has to. They have had good success, and all profit goes toward their own child's fees.

• Uniforms Competition uniforms will be ordered at the end of August, and will be $60.00 to 125.00, depending on team level. There will be no competition fee due that month – only the uniform fee.

• Optional Expenses

Twisters Warm-up Suit $105.00

Parent Shirts $20-25.00 each

These are not required to be ordered, but you may. We will do group orders in September and again in November.


• Competitions

These are the dates we have so far. We will go to 5 of the 6, and one will be an alternate date, so as soon as we get the definite dates, we'll let you know via the app. We will begin competing in October/November and end in March/April  (Spring Break is Mar 21-25 next year). Please block out all these dates. Since all these events are within 1-3 hours away, you may plan to drive on the day, or go the night before and make it a weekend outing. This is by individual choice, but we will provide some hotel information for those who want to go early or stay late.

Competition Fees: TBA

Last seasons 2014-2015 competition info is in the table below to give you an example of costs and locations. We will get the 2015-2016 competition info out as soon as we receive this info.

Date Organization Type GYM Location Cost Coaches Fees  
11/15/2014 AAU Qualifier Heartland Gymnastics Cape Girardeau, MO $32.00 $25.00  
12/20/2014 UAGL Qualifier Lakewood Gymnastics Paducah, KY $57.00    
01/24/2015 AAU Qualifier Gymstars St. Louis, MO $55.00    
02/21/2015 UAGL Championship Lakewood Gymnastics Paducah, KY $67.00    
04/18/2015 AAU Championship Heartland Gymnastics Cape Girardeau, MO $55.00    

• Forms:

Each meet director has its own required forms, and AAU has one also. We will distribute these by links on the app, and you may return them to us by email or through our front office. We will start this process in May.

• Routine Camp:  time TBA,  Cost is included in your competition fees.


• Watching your child practice

◦ We want to encourage bonding among the parents, and we want you to see how hard your child is working to achieve skills. For these reasons, we want you to be able to watch from upstairs. However, in the past we've had problems with parents coaching from their seats ("bleacher coaches"), and/or speaking critically to other parents about the staff and stirring up discontent. Here are the rules if you want to watch.

‣ Please know that we keep up with current gymnastics certification and technique by attending seminars, webinars, clinics, and doing personal research. We are constantly looking for the best ways to help the kids learn new skills. It's our job, and we love it! At any given time, there will be a combined total of 50-60 years worth of coaching experience on the floor, so your kids are in good hands! Please do not distract them or us by talking to them from the bleachers. We know it's frustrating when your child is struggling with a new skill, but showing your frustration or impatience won't hurry them along. It will discourage them, instead.

‣ If you have a concern about their progress, or their classes, please talk to one of the coaches privately. We want to help, and we want you and your child to be satisfied with their training. It may be easier to sit and complain to others, but you are more likely to get your needs met, and your concerns answered by talking to us.

• Monthly Tuition will be drafted on the 3rd of each month.

Competition Fees will be drafted on the 15th.

◦Levels 1-3 Tuition:   $95/month Competition Fees: See Chart

◦ Levels 4-6: Tuition: 105/month Competition Fees: See Chart

◦ If at any time your draft is rejected, you will need to supply us with an additional payment source that may be used if the primary one fails.

• Squad bonding:

This is vital to the success of the squad! Kids need to be comfortable with each other, trust and depend on each other, and work together in a happy atmosphere. A team is a type of extended family, and without the cooperation and trust of all members, disunity results and has a negative effect on the team's performance. Each team member needs to feel secure and united in their efforts with her/his teammates. This is our plan for team bonding:

• Occasional hurt feelings are a part of life and kids have to learn how to deal with and recover from them. However, if the staff feels that there's a persistent behavior problem on the part of one team member, we will speak to the parents to get back-up in our efforts to help them improve. If improvement seems unlikely after repeated efforts, though, that indicates that she (he) is not ready to work as part of a team and will be asked to move to the recreational program until the problem is solved.

We hope to see you on the Twisters Gymnastics Team this season!! Thanks for your interest in our program! Go Twisters!


2014-2015 Level 2 Tennessee Twisters Gymnastics Team