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Pre-School Classes - 2 to 4 yr olds --------------- Recreational Gymnastics Classes For Boys And Girls - Ages 5 And Up ---------------Competitive Gymnastics Program ---------------- Cheerleading Classes Including A Competitive All-Star Cheerleading Program


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Recreational Gymnastics

Each class consists of 3 rotations alternating between tumbling (basics such as cartwheels, handstands, rolls, back bends, walkovers and handsprings), uneven bars, balance beam, vault, Tumble Trak and Air Track.  Tumbling is always one of the 3 rotations, and tumbling skills are also worked on the Tumble Trak and Air Track.  This class is for elementary age beginner through intermediate children.  While we do not include boys' events such as rings and pommel horse, boys are welcome in the class. Ages 5 to 12.

Elementary Cheer/Tumbling

Tumbling is the main focus of this class, so we teach cartwheels, round-offs, rolls, handstands, walkovers and the all-important back handspring. Along with these skills, the children also work on cheer motions, cheer jumps, and learn some cheers, though this is secondary to the development of their basic tumbling.  Each class is divided into groups by age and skill level, so children are able to progress from beginner to advanced without changing classes.

Middle School- High School Cheer/Tumbling

This is an hour and a half class for older students, whether beginner or advanced.  Beginners are grouped together to learn cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, and handsprings.  Advanced students are mastering tucks, layouts, and fulls. Both groups work a conditioning set each class, to help them progress faster.  Since many of these students are also on school squads, once each month we spend the first few minutes of class working on stunts.


Our Dragonflies are chilren between the ages of 2 and 4, accompanied by YOU!  This is a 45 minute class that starts with a group warm-up activity, then separates into groups by age.  We set up 3 activity circuits each week.  One circuit is always set up for tumbling -  teaching rolls, balances, cartwheels, handstands, etc., and the other circuits alternate uneven bars, balance beam, Tumble Trak, and Air Track. The coach explains and/or demonstrates the activity at each station, and you assist your little one through each one and help them stay on track.  We finish with another group activity, then stamps or stickers.  There are both morning and evening classes available.

Twisters Gymnastics Team

By invitation only.   These girls are selected from the recreational classes and invited to join the competition team, which works out 2 hours each Monday and Thursday year round  They compete in 4-6 meets per year at nearby league or AAU events. We follow the USA Gymnastics and AAU rules for our routines. 


By invitation only, with members from age 5 up selected from our recreational cheer/tumbling classes.   The girls and boys work out 2 hours Twice weekly year round.   Squads are selected in April, and we add members throughout the school year according to the needs of the squad.  If your child has an interest in this program, you may request an information sheet that outlines the costs, responsibilities, and competition schedule.





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