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The Stuff That Staffs Are Made Of.


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Dan Thompson





USAG Safety Certified, USAG Professional Member, PDP 1, KAT Accredited, First Aid, CPR



AACCA Safety Certified

Tennessee Twisters Cheerleading Director & Head Coach

Tumble Coach



To create safe and healthy environments in our gyms that will allow each child to go as far as they want to go with gymnastics or cheer.



I like building motorcycles. I like all water sports, and anything out doors.

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Kate Thompson

    Certifications:                                                                                                                                                                      Gymnastics:

USAGymnastics Rated Judge, USAG Safety Certified, USAG Professional Member, PDP 1, KAT Accredited, First Aid, CPR.


Kate became a dance student  at the age of 3yrs, She danced with two dance companies in her home town of Houston,TX.   She trained mainly in classical ballet (Checcetti), but also in jazz, tap, acrobatic, modern, East Indian, Spanish, and choreography. Kate recieved a dance scholarship at Stephens College in Columbia, MO. She eventually opened her own dance school. She planned her entire life around dance. Things changed in 1972 with Olga Korbut, Kate had suddenly discovered gymnastics, and things were never the same. Ballet and acrobatics were always her passions, so it was a natural progression into gymnastics. In 1979 Kate opened Rainbow Gymnastics & School of Dance. It did not take long for gymnastics to take a prominent position in her life. Kate decided to use her background in dance to coach gymnastics. In 1980, Rainbow Gymnastics Training Center was formed in West Plains, MO.


AACCA Safety Certified.

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Ashley Abbott

Tennessee Twisters Gymnastics Team Coach

Tumble Coach

Competitive Gymnastics Coach


Ashley was a gymnast in Dyersburg and competed through her school years. She loves working with the gymnastics team and is a strict but favorite coach of the girls.

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Is this your picture??

Rainbow Gymnastics & Cheer is always looking for motivated coaches. If you have a background in either gymnastics or cheerleading, if you love being around children, are a real team player, and have a few hours each week for a really fun job, please call us immediately!!!   731-285-5100

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